Kin/K believes that the details of the process are as important as the hat, itself. The foundation of Kin/K begins with the history of hat making and connecting with its roots. They strive to source the finest materials from as close to their origin, as possible. They partner with and trust their skilled artisans in America and Ecuador, for their straw hats – to execute their designs with the utmost care and attention to detail. Inspired by the classics. Designed by sisters. Made to last.

Wool Hat Production – All wool hats are made right here in America. Each hat goes through 40 steps, touches 80 hands, and takes 10 hours to complete.  The rambouillet sheep is known for their best premium wool composition are carefully sheered by hand only twice a year to produce the best felting blend for hat making. All shearing practices are cruelty-free. The high-quality French Merino wool goes through a meticulous process of scouring, which entails scrubbing and cleaning of the wool to remove grease and excess fibers.