AllSwell Notebooks

AllSwell started as a passion project launched to encourage creativity in all its forms, by Laura Rubin. As an inveterate scribbler and journal-keeper, she wanted to invite more peopl, like you, to reap its benefits.

What started as a bit of a whim, fulfilling a personal need, AllSwell is now much more. It’s about waking people up to the fact that their life is a creative act. It really is. What does that mean? You get to choose what it looks like. How’s that for daunting + exciting? Pretty good stuff. Purchase a notebook and put the words on the page or draw your vision in images. Need help leaping over the mental hurdle that you’re not creative or simply jump-starting the process?

It’s all up to you. Hard work doesn’t hurt. In fact, consider it mandatory. But that’s just part of the journey and the rewards will be sweeter for your efforts. So take a moment to express yourself in an utterly private way. No “likes”, no judgments. Just you, your ideas, pen, and paper. Creativity unplugged.